Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Page 29 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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By the start of the eleventh lap, it had turned into a two car race. The Porsche had tried to recover from its off-track incident, but only fell further and further behind. Meantime, Dave trailed the Series J by twenty to thirty yards and had just rounded the first bend at the kind of clip that could close the gap. The crowd enjoyed this head-to-head matchup on the Jumbotrons, as it gave every appearance of turning into a photofinish nailbiter.

Recant and Hep had rejoined Ajax in the bleachers, and all three licked tall ice cream cones to feed their enthusiasm. Lemonade cups sat empty on the concrete beneath their feet.

Pegleg had already spoken to Dave, given him the lowdown, and put the decision to win or lose in his hands where it belonged. With the thin hope that one of the thugs, Vitaly Yorga, might get Crank to leave them alone, Dave probably had an easy decision. Of course he would try to win.

Francy had joined Pegleg in the pit garage, but Inigo had disappeared.

"I'm worried," Francy said.

"He tried to sabotage the car. Dave has to fire him anyway," Pegleg said. "What do you care?"

"It's not right what they did to him. We can't let them do it again."

"These people aren't High School bullies Fran." He pulled her closer to where he stood beside the workbench until she leaned into his body, then he kissed her forehead.

She pressed into him, letting him hug her closer. "It's not right. He's a good man."

"I thought you hated him," Pegleg said.

She sniffled. He lifted her chin with his hand and saw tears.

"He's trying so hard," she said. "People keep putting him down."

"It's what people do. Believe me, he'd have caused Dave to lose that race to save his own skin."

"That's only because he has no friends. He doesn't have anyone."

"What do you want me to do?" Pegleg said. "Say I lied about him sabotaging the AC?"

"No." She looked at his chest and fiddled with his shirt.

"Then what?"

"Can you talk to Dave?"

"You mean so he won't get rid of him?"

Francy nodded, then looked into his eyes, in case words failed to convince him.

"Okay, but that'll have to wait. If Dave wins, we still have to leave here in one piece."

"With Inigo," she said.

"With Inigo. If we can find him."

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