Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Page 28 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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Pegleg waited for the face to show full in the frame of his phone.

"Hello sir, Mister Yorga. Do you remember me?"

"You like to play with sharks, kid? Is that it?"

"Sir, I'm just trying to avoid another mishap that might cost you money. I'd rather you think of me as once bitten, twice shy."

"You got my ears. Keep talking," Vitaly Yorga said.

"If you bet on the races today at Ile Malmedy there's a good chance you'll lose. Big time."

"Go on."

Pegleg felt a sudden wash of relief. If Vitaly Yorga hadn't bet on Ile Malmedy, he would've said so and ended the conversation.

"They're trying to rig the race. The favorite has been threatened. He's a heavy favorite, and they want him to lose."

"Who wants him to lose?"

"Some guy named Crank."

"Hold on."

Vitaly Yorga walked away from the screen. Pegleg saw boats, and water, and a stretch of the LandBridge. He'd reached the guy on his sailboat, probably on the embedded screen near the steering wheel.

It took a few minutes. Francy cupped his face in her hands, raised it to her mouth, and kissed him on the lips. He appreciated the gesture, but it felt like a desperate hope motivated her, and her knuckles reminded him of prayer beads.

A blur crossed the screen, then Yorga reappeared, his face much closer than the first time.

"Grant, is this kid Dave Boarder a friend of yours?"

"I'm his mechanic."

"If he loses you'll all wish you were dead."

"Sir, if I tell him he's dead if he loses, when he's already been told he's dead if he wins, how does he process that?"

"I don't care. You make him win. Or else."

"I don't know how. That's why I called you."

Yorga's eyes went a little bloodshot angry. He turned away, exhaled, and sat back. After a moment, he came close to the screen again.

"Alright. I'll deal with this guy Crank. I'll handle him. But if your boy don't win, you're back in the bog, the same one you tried to buy your way out of. You hear me?"

"Yes sir. Thank you sir."

Yorga scowled, and cut the screen off. Pegleg put the phone in his pocket.

"Do you trust him?" Francy said.


"So even if Dave wins, we're on our own."

"If he wins. But he might not, and I may have just made things a whole lot worse."

"That guy cares about his money. He has to do something, right?"

"So do I." Pegleg retrieved his phone, and speed dialed someone.

"Who are you calling?" Francy said.

"Your brother. He deserves to know."

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