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Page 26 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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When he realized something mysterious had happened with Francy and Recant, Hep got jealous. He wanted in on the action, even if it meant nothing more than a free lemonade courtesy of Recant. By comparison, remaining in his seat with older Ajax, well, it meant the others had left Hep behind. He couldn't allow that. They always left him out of stuff, whether Francy or Dave. Not today.

"Can I get a lemonade too?" Hep said.

The cars zipped by at the end of lap two. Dave held third, but trailed the second place Porsche by no more than ten yards. The Series J still had about a fifty yard lead.

"He's gonna pass him," Hep said.

"I believe you're right," Ajax said.

"Dave will win," Hep said with all the faith of his age.

Ajax smiled. "Go on. Don't be too long."

"I won't."

Hep hurried to the end of the row, then ran up, and almost bowled over a top heavy fellow carrying a tray of food and drinks. Without a word of apology, Hep sidestepped the near accident, skirted around a few more adults twice his size and ran toward the lemonade stand on the promenade above the bleachers, all of which had been built into the side of the mountain.

A line of people seven deep waited for their beers and lemonade, pretzels and hotdogs, none of them Francy or Recant. Hep darted this way, then that way, hoping to catch sight of one or both. They were up to something! It had to be.

He spotted them beyond a sea of bodies at the lower part of a ramp to the racetrack level. It went under the bleachers, a tunnel that disgorged customers at both ends. Francy and Recant had their backs to him. Pegleg faced them.

Oh boring. Francy and Pegleg. He should have guessed. He'd have turned around if not for the presence of Recant. He needed Recant to buy him a lemonade to complete his cover story. The thought brought a bit of thirstiness to his scratchy throat. It seemed odd, however, that Recant would involve himself with the two sickening lovebirds.

He wanted to hear their conversation, so he crept down the ramp, staying hidden behind other adults until it became impossible. He couldn't get close enough to make out what they said, not without letting them see him. Hep concluded maybe he wouldn't make such a good spy.

"Hey," he said, and joined them.

"Hep, go back," Francy said.

"I'm thirsty. I want lemonade. What's going on?"

"Just a sec, kiddo. I'll get you one," Recant said. "Okay. Here's the number. Can you handle this?"

Pegleg took the slip of paper Recant held out for him. "I'll call him now." He glanced at Hep, smiled, and walked toward the tarmac, already on the phone ringing someone.

Hep was dying to know, but Recant had him by the arm, and pulled him up the ramp.

"How about a hot dog too?" Recant said.

Hep glanced over his shoulder, but Pegleg had already disappeared around the corner, and Francy with him.

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