Friday, September 4, 2015

Page 25 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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Pegleg ran across the track, knowing full well you weren't supposed to do that. He left Inigo behind, the old man who suffered from too much restraint, and debilitating fear.

The heat beat him with an iron press on his head and shoulders, though the air felt cool when the breeze kicked up now and then. His eyes searched the stands, a quarter mile of bleachers along the crest of the lower of the two hills of Ile Malmedy. Even if the man he wanted to find had come to the park today, a narrow chance it slowly dawned on Pegleg, Vitaly Yorga might have chosen a seat at one of the more remote viewing stands. They had them situated at every major turn along the whole course.

When he did not spot his sailboat-riding nemesis, he felt like the fool who'd ogled the fool's gold. Of course a big time gambler and sitting VP of an international corporation wouldn't actually show up for this low stakes rinky dink race. He probably wouldn't even have placed a bet from the confines of his home in Helena on the LandBridge.

About halfway along the main bleachers, the lead ACs zipped by, finishing their first laps. The Series J held to a tight lead. The Porsche trailed him by about fifty yards, and Dave trailed both in his P5 by another seventy. Pegleg did the math, not on how much ground Dave would need to recover to get a win, but how much time nineteen more laps could buy. It came to thirty eight minutes minimum, but probably closer to forty two or three.

There really was only one option here. He'd concluded as much a moment or two before he realized Francy could help, but not on her own, and not through Ajax. Instead, she could pull in Recant. Recant had come into possession of Vitaly Yorga's phone number while making arrangements for the gold coin payout.

He dialed her.

"Hello?" she said.

"Francy. I need your help. Do you see me?" He raced to a spot where he knew she sat with Hep, Ajax and Recant in the stands above him.

"Yes. You crossed the track."

"Had to. Don't say anything, okay, but Dave's in trouble..."

"We saw."

"No... I mean it's not that. It's a problem in the pits. Can you get away, and bring Recant? Meet me at the stairs."

"What's going on?"

"I'll tell you when you get here."

"I'll try."

"Thank you."

After she hung up, Francy whispered something to Recant. His eyebrows shot up, but then his composure returned. He told Ajax he was going to fetch a beer... and did he want anything? Ajax didn't, but Francy tagged along to get herself a lemonade.

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