Friday, September 18, 2015

Page 36 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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The LandBridge had plenty of local jails, one for every cluster of townships. For anyone authorities intended to lock up more than six months or a year, however, they transported each offender away from the LandBridge to a Federal or National prison within their country of origin.

A week after Dave won his first trophy at Ile Malmedy, and had to leave for home without visiting the lustrous theme park, a small prison in Belgium opened its doors to release a criminal on parole.

If they'd convicted him of any one of the many violent crimes he'd committed, they could have kept him forever. As it stood, they had him on illegal gambling and money laundering. Hence his eligibility for parole in a crowded prison system.

So Jabal Coronish walked free.

Once clear of the prison walls, he stood alone in the visitor parking lot carrying a small bag of personal items. He looked around growing more and more pissed off.

No one had bothered to show up for his release. Not even Crank.


[This concludes Episode 2 of Dave Adventure. I'm busy writing Episode 3, and will release all 14 episodes whenever they're finished.]

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