Thursday, September 17, 2015

Page 35 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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"It's convenient you brought that," Pegleg said. He pointed to the laser lock-opener.

"Not a coincidence." Ajax nodded at the door. "In case he's packing a gun, I'll push it open. Stay to the side until I indicate otherwise."

Pegleg nodded.

Ajax pushed. The door swung into a dimly lit room. A single fluorescent blub hung from the ceiling. A man sat beneath it in a chair, his head rolled forward, either hurt or unconscious... or acting.

Ajax gathered it all in from his side of the doorway. He listened, then relaxed, and entered while expected a blindside attack. It never came.

"Help him," he said.

Pegleg ran to the man in the chair, Inigo, beaten to a pulp. Three teeth lay scattered on the floor where they'd fallen alongside blood droplets. Pegleg untied the ropes that bound Inigo's hands and legs to the chair.

Meanwhile, Ajax checked the back door, deep in a shadowy corner. Unlocked, it led to a long, empty corridor. He heard and saw no one.

Rather than chase after whoever might have hurt Inigo, probably Crank or one of his thugs, Ajax rejoined Pegleg. Inigo rubbed at sore wrists, and grinned through a cracked and swollen mouth. Gaps had replaced some of his teeth.

"Tell Dave I'm proud of him," Inigo said.

"You're a good man, and you're in our care now," Ajax said.

"Thank you," Inigo said.

"This could have been worse. A whole lot worse without your quick thinking Grant," Ajax said.

"You think he'll leave us alone?" Pegleg said.

"Today he will, yeah. This isn't a display of muscle. It's a man overplaying a weak hand. We'll be okay," Ajax said.

He surveyed the room, for the first time noticing what it contained, stacks of structural items like wood planks, metal pipes, and scaffolding, a worn out chassis in one corner, old aluminum drums, and a pair of cannibalized ACs, one on the floor, the other on a lift. If Crank or his man wanted, they could have hidden somewhere in this room and gone undetected so far.

Pegleg helped Inigo rise to his feet.

"He won't forget," Inigo said. He pointed to his own face. "This wasn't just for today. This was for old times sake. The Welcome Wagon." He laughed, but had to grimace from the pain it caused.

"I'd say it's time we leave this place," Ajax said. "Get everyone home."

They turned off the light as they left, but let the door stay open.

Crank, who had been hiding behind several large concrete pipes, stepped out. Only the bare bulb from the hallway reached his angry eyes.

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