Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Page 34 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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Pegleg watched the end of the race on his phone. "Dave won," he said.

He and Ajax had already found a service staircase, and descended to the first of two lower floors. Ajax opened locked doors with some laser beam gadget that looked illegal. Pegleg didn't ask whether it was or not. They'd searched several offices, a bathroom, a janitorial closet, and come up empty. It was on the way to the bottom floor of the service staircase that Dave crossed the finish line way out in front.

"He thinks we have this handled," Pegleg said.

"It's good of you not to let him throw his first race." Ajax pointed his laser and unlocked the bottom door in the stairwell.

"It made Inigo the scapegoat."

"You'll find people do that. All the time," Ajax said.

"What do you think Crank'll do to him?"

"I didn't meet him. What do you think?"

"I don't know."

"Let's find him first," Ajax said, and pushed through the door.

They walked along a wide but dim hallway. It had tire tracks on a concrete floor. Someone still used old technology here, perhaps equipment-moving dollies, or people-moving golf carts. Bare bulbs threw small pools of light down the front of a few doors. Boxes, crates, and AC junk sat stacked in various places. Clearly, facility staff used this area for storage.

Ajax opened the nearest door on his right, then flipped the light switch. When the bare bulb flickered on, he saw a bunch of old race cars, the kind that sat on wheels, ran on gasoline, and polluted the air with carbon monoxide. No sounds rose from within the room, however, no Crank, no Inigo.

They proceeded to the next door. Ajax readied the laser, then paused. He put an ear to the door... then a finger to his lips. Pegleg nodded.

"I hear voices," Ajax whispered, and ever-so-slowly used his laser to unlock the way.

When the bolt clicked open, it felt like a cannon going off.

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