Monday, September 14, 2015

Page 32 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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The eighteenth lap arrived, and Dave had extended his lead to a significant margin. It looked like an easy win for him. The race announcer extolled his virtues as an unknown phenomenon shot from out of the deep blue sea so that when Dave passed the main viewing stands people stood, waved, and whistled with the fervor of new fans.

Dave made the first turn of lap nineteen before the next closest AC, the Porsche, reached the stands. A gripping battle raged for second, third and fourth place with the Series J and a Charioteer.

Once Dave had driven out of sight, Ajax arose and said, "I have to go. You stay here with Recant."

Hep stared up at him, no fool. "Is Inigo going to be okay?"

"That's why I have to go. To make sure he's okay."

"We'll be fine. Someone has to stay and watch Dave win. It's an important job," Recant said.

"Will you be back in time?" Hep said.

Ajax smiled and said, "I'll try. I want to see him win too." He sidled out to the end of the aisle.

As he worked his way up to the promenade, then along its length to another aisle, down a ramp to the tunnel, then to the pits on the other side of the track, Ajax had ample time to think through what he needed to do. He had several options. For one, he could simply search the facility with Pegleg until they found Inigo. He could also phone that gambler with the sailboat, Vitaly Yorga, who had taken his gold and might be bought off with another chunk. Unfortunately, there was no way to tell how much influence Yorga could wield over Crank and his staff, especially when it came to matters of retribution. Any attempt to contact Yorga also opened Inigo up to new and unwanted risks. As another option, Ajax could try to determine whatever losses Crank would suffer if Dave won, a likely event at the moment, and then offer to make good on them. No doubt this would please Crank, but, as he had risked with Vitaly Yorga, the gesture might invite unwanted attention from any number of known or unknown but nefarious characters, not to mention it would provoke earnest questions from Dave, Francy, and Hep.

Ajax wished he had bodyguards and muscle of his own. As things stood, a few tough guys in his employ could make life flow a whole lot smoother.

He didn't like any of the options that he could come up with, so he decided to pursue the least objectionable, option one. He and Pegleg would search for Inigo.

He just needed a way to keep Francy out of danger while they searched.

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