Friday, September 11, 2015

Page 31 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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Dave passed the Series J on the twelfth lap, on the big downhill. He found the inside of the turn, churned up a touch of grass, though not enough to slow him down, and then rode it out. Series J fought it, which made Dave's job easier, and taught him a lesson in how even supposedly wily veterans can make amateur mistakes. Then again, the Series J wasn't a wily pro. He was a wily amateur.

It worked this way, as Dave held the inside, the vet tried to force him off the track. All the torque on the turn worked against Series J in this vain pursuit. Maybe he thought he could just cut Dave off, but he failed in that too. As a result, Dave increased his own speed coming out of the turn, in part by bouncing off the Series J. As the AC on the outside, and bearing the combined centrifugal force of both vehicles, Series J could brake, hard and fast, or he could lose control and spin onto the wide gravel shoulder.

He spun out.

He spun out so bad, it looked like he'd wind up in third place behind the Porsche.

Dave had gained a gargantuan lead by the end of the twelfth, so if he threw this race people would know. It would look like he threw it, and might even prompt an investigation, or so he told himself.

Once he found himself in first place, however, Dave knew in his heart he couldn't give it up. It wasn't in him to let a driver win when that driver hadn't earned it. The prospect of an invite to a Pro-Am event loomed on the horizon as well, just around the next corner, and it encouraged him to keep going, following his natural impulse to end with a victory.

He phoned Pegleg.

"Find him yet?" Dave said.

"I called Recant. He's telling Ajax."

Dave hated the idea. "Good idea," he said, and knew it was true the moment the thought passed his lips.

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