Thursday, September 10, 2015

Page 30 of Dave Adventure - Episode 2
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Before he went anywhere, or did anything else, Pegleg phoned Dave again. Dave answered using the built in speaker phone.

"Hey," Dave said.

"You going to pass this guy, or what?" Pegleg said. He had the Jumbotron looming above the track where he stood on the tarmac. Dave's front bumper almost kissed the Series J rear.

"I've heard some people have managers that talk them through the race, discussing strategy... or the weather," Dave said.

"Is that what you want from your mechanic?"

"Where's Inigo?"

"We don't know. Hiding, or..."

"You think they have him somewhere?"

"We got some help. A little pushback from a big gambler. Vitaly Yorga."

"Then why is Inigo missing?"

"Don't know. We're flying blind here a little. Like you."

"You telling me it's okay to win this thing, right?"

"It might be."

"Do me a favor man. Find Inigo before this ends. Put him with Ajax and Recant. You guys all stick together."

"What about you?" Pegleg said.

"If I win I'll be in the spotlight for a while. They won't be able to touch me."

"What about after?"

"I don't know," Dave said. "You said you had help. Why don't you see how much help? If the security staff won't let us leave the island, we've got trouble."

"Might be better if you don't win. Just let it go."

"You'll see what I do when I do it. Meantime, find Inigo."

Dave hung up the phone and pondered his situation. He knew he could pass the Series J on this twelfth lap, but the guy might play dirty, and knock him off the track. It wasn't just a question of passing him. He had to do it quick and clean.

Once he knew he had the guy, once he knew he could win, it might be a little easier to let go of the need he felt inside, to fall back again, and come in second. Afterwards, he could claim mechanical failure.

There was only one problem with this strategy. He wouldn't get the win. You had to get the win if you wanted an invitation to a Pro-Am event.

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