Thursday, November 21, 2013

Idling in a church pew

Just passing the time, listening to a sermon, and practicing my ABCs, all at the same time...

After the world had altered, but
Before we meet our maker, and
Congruent with how it changes,
Did you know that our God lives?

Every day comes different,
Forever they work together,
Going where no one could have,
However it makes us feel.

I wonder what comes tomorrow, and
Just when I have it figured, I'm
Kept in the dark no more, as
Love shapes the forward roll.

Many will think me crazy, cause
No one can guess the future, and
Only the present day can
Put us on solid ground.

Questions are what the future
Reveals to those who will see it
So no one should take tomorrow
To mean what our Father says,
Unless he has faith in Jesus,
Veritas, the Way, and the Life.

Whenever we grasp Your promise, most
Xcellent Son of God,
Young stays the world forever,
Z to A goes the theme of our lives.