Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Secession Threat

While citizens in several states petition their government for a redress of grievances by asserting their desire to secede from the union, the rest of us watch and wonder.

If you're a Republican, a conservative, or a Tea Partier, I recommend you grow a pair and support these movements. Secession won't really happen, but it can serve as a useful tool for what will happen, and the threat of secession can make the transition that's coming much easier on everyone.

As the economy plunges into recession, and probably depression, the Federal government will grow weaker, even as it tries to flex its muscles more by printing money or through onerous taxation. To protect themselves, the States will adapt. One way to adapt and not cave in to the intransigence of the Feds, is to create state firewalls. These firewalls will serve one purpose for the states - to protect their people from Federal overreach and encroachment. Firewalls to deny the IRS entry, or to severely limit access. Firewalls to repudiate the US Supreme Court when it exceeds its Constitutional jurisdiction. Firewalls to mint State money, used locally, if the US dollar turns worthless.

I believe these challenges are coming, and we have a brilliant Constitution upon which we can rely to see us through, and particularly through this crisis because of the 10th Amendment, which recognizes State sovereignty, but also because of the overall Constitution, which grants all powers to the States and the people unless specifically enumerated as belonging to the Feds. We have ignored these principles for long enough.

It's time to take them back. We will take them back.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Historic reversal

A really odd historic reversal happened this election season which I did not see coming.

The original template came from Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Basically the awfulness of Carter's economic policy and feckless foreign policy resulted in an epic defeat for him at the polls in 1980.

The situation seemed quite similar for Barack Obama. An historic 1-2 punch seemed in the offing. First Reagan replaces Carter, then Romney replaces Obama. Conservatism wins the long debate of history.

But it didn't happen.


Because those who adhere to liberal principles would not have learned their lesson any other way. We are probably now headed for an epic fail. The kind FDR helped cause and navigate during his long four years in office. A recession is almost certainly on the way. A depression seems better than good odds to bank on. A world war afterwards.

I know, I know, FDR helped establish liberalism in the first place. Or statism. They're more or less the same thing.

But if we go through it a second time, will liberalism and statism survive as they exist today? That is the historic question. I'm betting against it.

Wanna know why? Cause it just may be that all the second-guessing after the fact means nothing because God gave this election to Obama. Hurricane Sandy blunted Romney's momentum, and gave the American people a good look at bipartisanship with Obama and Chris Christie holding hands. When the crisis comes - and it's coming - there'll be no excuses anymore. Liberalism lives or dies on its own.

And in a truly pathetic case of epic irony, those who voted for Obama will suffer the most when his chickens come home to roost.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Meer Mortals - update 1

You can read the first fifty pages of "Meer Mortals" via the below link, which redirects to the Histor Picures website here.

The full novel comes out in April.